Project Product Description

The Project Product Description template reflects the steps set out in the PRINCE2 Method and is designed to prompt the Project Manager and help in the creation of the Project Product Description.  There is also a Product Description for the Project Product Description at Appendix A of the PRINCE2 Manual.

Once your Project Product Description is complete check the document against the following Quality Criteria:

  • The purpose is clear
  • The composition defines the complete scope of the project
  • The acceptance criteria form the complete list against which the project will be assessed
  • The acceptance criteria address the requirements of all the key stakeholders (e.g. operations and maintenance)
  • It defines how the users and the operational and maintenance organizations will assess the acceptability of the finished product(s):
    • All criteria are measurable
    • Each criterion is individually realistic
    • The criteria are realistic and consistent as a set. For example, high quality, early delivery and low cost may not go together
    • All criteria can be proven within the project life (e.g. the maximum throughput of a water pump), or by proxy measures that provide reasonable indicators as to whether acceptance criteria will be achieved post-project (e.g. a water pump that complies with reliability design and manufacturing standard)
  • §  The quality expectations have considered:
    • The characteristics of the key quality requirements (e.g. fast/slow, large/small, national/global)
    • The elements of the customer's quality management system that should be used
    • Any other standards that should be used
    • The level of customer/staff satisfaction that should be achieved if surveyed


Brug af PRINCE2 skabeloner

Her finder du skabeloner og fagstof tilknyttet PRINCE2. Skabelonerne, og brugen af disse, er tiltænkt som eksempler og fungere således som et generisk udgangspunkt. Hvilke dokumenter der anvendes, og indholder i dokumenterne, bør tilpasses det enkelte projekt.

For uddybende forklaring af skabelonerne, og deres anvendelse, anbefaler vi et kursus i PRINCE2, eller blot bruger skabelonerne som opslagsværk.