From Team Agility to Business Agility

Harnessing the Power of Agile at Scale with Big Room Planning

Do you want faster time to market, improved quality, strategic alignment between IT and the business, and predictable delivery of features that delight customers?

Many organisations are already using agile methodologies like Scrum at a team level, where individual agile teams successfully deliver products to their customers.

But how do you ensure correlation and coordination between different agile teams? How do you ensure alignment between business strategy and execution level? And how do you provide business stakeholders with visibility to track the progress of ongoing projects and programmes – traditional and agile?

Few organisations are harnessing the benefits of agile methodologies at a business level.

The secret to succeeding with Enterprise Scale Agile is Big Room Planning; real-time collaboration, where teams identify risks early, untangle dependencies, and effectively plan their work aligned to business priorities and customer needs.

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In this webinar, Jonas Högstrand, Senior Consultant at Metier, and Andrew Sales, Principal Agile Consultant from CA Technologies, will discuss:

  • What benefits organisations can achieve with greater levels of business agility.
  • Why Big Room Planning is a core activity for succeeding with agile at scale and the agile behaviours it drives.
  • How Big Room Planning works, who participates, what you do and why it’s worthwhile.
  • How CA Agile Central supports Big Room Planning and provides visibility to track and steer the plans that are created.


Tuesday, December 13, 2016
10 AM

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Your webinar speakers

Jonas Högstrand

Senior Consultant, Metier

Phone: +45 30 70 90 50

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Andrew Sales

Principal Agile Consultant, CA Technologies



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"Ved at vælge Metier fik vores projektledere ikke blot en PRINCE2 certificering men også en værdifuld støtte i forbindelse med implementering af PRINCE2 som metode."

- Global PPM, Novozymes


”Med Metier som leverandør har PRINCE2 fået et imødekommende ansigt udadtil. Stoffet bliver leveret i øjenhøjde og bliver koblet til praksis på en yderst relevant måde.”

- Chef for Projektledelse og Porteføljestyring, Postnord